Established in 2000, Win Ho Technology Industrial Co. has been providing supreme quality Lathe Machines for local Taiwanese customers and also for clients from Germany, Netherlands, Italy, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia and many other customers across the globe. As a leading manufacturer of Machine Tools in Taiwan, Win Ho offers the largest selection of Lathe Machines with the highest quality, all of which have acquired CE marking designation. Win Ho manufactures Lathe Machines that are used widely in diverse fields and can be utilized in technology industry, mould industry, aerospace industry, Taiwan & overseas training organization, steel and paper manufacturing applications. Win Ho designs range from the S series, M series and L series of High Speed Precision Lathes, to the V series of Inverter Transmission Lathes and the X series of Heavy Duty Precision Lathes. In pursuit of sustainable development and continual growth, Win Ho invested NTD 160 million in 2013 to build a modern, 5-story machine tool manufacturing plant covering a total area of 5362.2 m2 at the 2nd phase of the Taichung City Refined Mechanics Industrial Park. After the opening of the new plant, Win Ho also started manufacturing large-scale CNC lathes with the goal of becoming one of the key machine tool manufacturers with annual earnings of NTD 1 billion. Win Ho's new headquarters is now providing global customers with instant business service and technical support.

| Win Ho Core Values |


Win Ho will continue to develop and expand its manufacturing to meet market demands.


Win Ho has never stopped the pursuit of perfection. It insists on offering premium quality services from the first business inquiry to ongoing assistance with machinery installation and future support.



The primary task for Win Ho is to ensure each machine operates perfectly. Win Ho’s customer services don’t just end at point of purchase but extends beyond to sufficient after-sales support.



Inverter Transmission Lathe

Win Ho's inverter transmission lathe features stepless speed change. Any speed in the range can be chosen. The cutting depth can reach to 8 mm at 1,000 RPM. The spindle speed is controlled by a rotary switch which shortens gear shifting time. The machine is power-saving and has a stable electrical current.


High-speed Precision Lathe

Win Ho's high-seed precision lathe features a one-piece base with high rigidity and lowvibration. The spindle bearings are imported from Germany and there is an overload device toensure operational safety.All gears inside the headstock are made of alloy steel, thermal treated and precision ground.It features a universal gearbox for both imperial and metric threading and a conversion table is attached for added convenience. There is a high capacity coolant tank which offers sufficient coolant output.

| Certification |




PC Conversation Lathe-CE